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Shipping and Legal Considerations for Various Self-Defense Products: What You Need to Know

When it comes to personal safety, having the right tools at your disposal can make a significant difference. Self-defense products are designed to provide individuals with a sense of security and peace of mind. However, navigating the regulations surrounding the shipping and use of these products can be complex. In this article, we'll break down the shipping and legal considerations for a range of self-defense products to help you make informed decisions.

Li-ion Batteries:

Li-ion batteries power many self-defense products, but it's important to be aware of carrier restrictions. USPS, for example, may have limitations on shipping items containing these batteries. Always check with your chosen carrier to ensure compliance with their guidelines.


For certain self-defense products, such as those classified as "Other Regulated Materials-Domestic" (ORM-D), shipping restrictions may apply. In this case, Parcel Select shipping is limited to Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. It's worth noting that ORM-D is a shipping classification designed to ensure the safe transportation of hazardous materials.

Pepper Spray:

Pepper spray is a popular self-defense tool, but shipping regulations vary. Parcel Select shipping is available for Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. Additionally, certain states have specific legal requirements for purchasing and using pepper spray. For instance, in New Jersey and Michigan, individuals must be at least 18 years old, non-felons, and can only buy, carry, ship, and use pepper spray if it's not more than 0.75 oz.

Self-defense Keychains:

Residents of Washington and California should be aware of any state-specific restrictions on the shipping and use of self-defense keychains. Always research local laws before purchasing and shipping these items.


Tasers, which deliver an electric shock to incapacitate attackers, have various legal requirements based on your location. In Hawaii, Illinois, and Rhode Island, certain permits are required for concealed carry. Background checks are mandatory in Maryland and Minnesota. Ownership may require permits in Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Mississippi. Some states, like Connecticut, only allow Tasers for home defense. In Massachusetts, a Firearms License, ID, and Basic Firearms Safety Course Certificate are necessary.

Stun Guns:

Stun guns are subject to specific drop shipping restrictions. In Hawaii and Massachusetts, it's illegal to dropship them. States like Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan have limitations on drop shipping to retail customers without proper documentation, such as a Concealed Carry or FOID (Firearm Owner's Identification) card.


PepperBall products, which use projectiles filled with pepper spray, have limitations on shipping live rounds in California, New York, and Massachusetts. However, the units and inert rounds are generally allowed.

SAP Gloves:

SAP (Soft Armor Piercing) gloves, designed for personal protection, may have shipping restrictions in certain states. Massachusetts, California, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey are notable examples.

Auto-open (OTF) Knives:

Auto-open knives, also known as OTF (Out-The-Front) knives, are subject to a wide range of regulations. Certain states, including Delaware, Hawaii, Minnesota, New Mexico, and Washington DC, consider them illegal. Other states allow them with various limitations, such as requiring a weapons carry license or FOID. For specific details, refer to the provided link:

Expandable Batons and Fire Gone:

Residents of California should take note of shipping restrictions on expandable batons and Fire Gone products. Always research and adhere to local laws before purchasing or shipping these items. 

Hard Knuckle Gloves:

California and Washington have regulations concerning the shipping and possession of hard knuckle gloves. Be sure to research the legalities in your area.

While self-defense products can offer an added layer of protection, it's crucial to be well-informed about shipping restrictions and legal considerations. Laws can vary significantly from one state to another, and even within municipalities. Always conduct thorough research and consult local authorities or legal experts to ensure that you're complying with the law while prioritizing your safety. Remember, knowledge is your best defense.

Here is a table categorizing the various types of self-defense products mentioned above to provide a clear understanding of drop shipping restrictions by state. If a state is not specified, it implies that currently, there are no known restrictions on the listed product types. However, it's important to note that regulations can change, so it's advised to consistently verify state, local, and federal laws applicable in your area.


Pepper Spray New Jersey (Minimum age 18 yrs. old. Non-felon. Can buy, carry, ship and use if not more than .75 oz).             Michigan (Minimum age 18 yrs. old. Non-felon. Can buy, carry, ship and use if not more than .75 oz).
Self-defense Keychain Washington, California
Taser Hawaii, Illinois, and Rhode Island;

Permit Required for Conceal Carry: Alaska, Delaware, New Mexico, North Dakota

Background Check Required: Maryland, Minnesota;

Permit Required for Ownership: Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Mississippi;

Only Allowed for Home Defense: Connecticut;

Massachusetts: Requires Firearms License, ID, and MA Basic Firearms Safety Course Certificate
Stun Gun Hawaii & Massachusetts- Illegal to dropship.
Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan - No drop ship to retail customers without copy of Concealed Carry or FOID.
PepperBall Live rounds are not allowed in CA, NY and MA.  The units and inert rounds are allowed
SAP Gloves Massachusetts, California, Pennsylvania, or New Jersey
Auto-open (OTF) Knives Illegal: DE, HI, MN, NM, Washington DC
Allowed with a weapons carry license or FOID:  IL
Allowed but some limitations: CA, CT, MA, MD, NJ, NY, VT, WA
For more information on the limitations visit:
Expandable Batons California
Fire Gone California
Hard Knuckle Gloves California, Washington
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